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The Team behind the Mission.

Creating success because we Listen

We strive to improve every day. No contact center is perfect, but we are obsessed with chasing perfection. We do this because we know that on the road to perfection, we learn how to optimize our processes in order to better respond to the needs of our clients and the needs of their customers.

Global Headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida

About the company

StatesideBPO was founded on the idea that a better designed contact center will create a better customer experience. So many of the largest companies within the Business Process Outsourcing industry are valued for their size, but lack the innovation required to provide a positive customer experience.

Your customers live in a connected world, with instant access to information, smartphone applications that help them manage their day-to-day lives on the go, and endless ways to communicate with others. Those same customers should not have to lower the bar when calling in for support.

StatesideBPO is able to fulfill these needs by building teams of engaged individuals, technology designed for seamless interactions, and a flexible infrastructure to meet changing needs. We have a mission to provide career opportunities to Americans with Disabilities and United States Veterans. This is such an important part of who we are because the positions mean more to our team members. Without this innovative approach to staffing our contact centers, we would not be able to create passion and engagement on the other end of the phone.

Our Mission

Americans with Disabilities in the Agent position


Veterans in Management Positions




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Thanks for reading about our team. We are extremely passionate about our company and creating opportunities for Americans who could use some.