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Building Strong Companies

Building Strong Employees

Doing Right By Our Communities and Our Employees

Our corporate culture is focused on our employee’s career and helping them expand their talents. We’re committed to setting the standards for our industry for creating growth opportunities for our employees.

We're committed to honoring the commitment of our veterans

StatesideBPO understands that few people work harder or are more committed to buidling sucessful, cohesive teams than our military veterans.

Mission-focused customer contact centers

We’re on a mission to maintain our leadership in business process outsourcing and call center management, and that mission starts with hiring leaders who have served our country.

Experienced leaders build better teams

We recognize the talent and drive that serving our country instills inside each veteran.

We are built on a foundation of sustainability, which allows us to overcome the typical hurdles in the contact center business.  The old models within our industry are focused on quick and short-term thinking; we are focused on building teams with people who are positioned for an engaged and long tenure. As a company, we believe that our success stems from our commitment to doing the right thing for employees and customers. We hire the most qualified people possible, and they reflect the diversity of our global marketplace.

StatesideBPO strives to protect our environment, which includes conserving natural resources while complying with all applicable local, national and international environmental, health and safety laws.  We endeavor to instill environmentally aware practices throughout our operations, from our company-wide corporate processes to the individual actions of our employees and others working on our behalf..

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