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How we do things differently

Building for the future, grounded in the present.

Our employee model and virtual environment leads to some of the lowest attrition rates in the industry. Whatever your company’s business challenges, we provide a seamless Virtual Customer Care solution that is fully customizable with unlimited seat options and quick launch times.

Mission One: Management

We have an ongoing goal to fill one out of every four management positions with a United States Veteran.  Why?  All veterans make incredible sacrifices for the United States and have some of the most effective backgrounds to manage agents in the field.

Proven Leadership

Experienced in Managing a Dispersed Team

Disciplined in strategic planning

Mission Two: Agents

We provide career opportunities to Americans with Disabilities. Our Agents are highly educated and experienced, but, in most cases, are unable to commute to a Brick & Mortar environment. Our mission pairs these very qualified candidates with our virtual infrastructure to build incredibly strong contact center teams.

When you partner with StatesideBPO, you’re joining a team that is making a difference in the world and makes a difference to your bottom line. We’re dedicated to doing business with people who want to change their lives and change the world. We don’t want to just succeed, we want to exceed your expectations and expand your business horizons.

Virtual call center

A Supervisor at every station.

Our agents have resumes that exceed the experience, education and acumen of the management team at other centers. Every customer that calls in is a potential promoter or detractor of your brand. Wouldn’t you want a higher level of agent handling that conversation?

3.5+ years of college education

7+ years of business experience

Benefits of a Virtual Contact Center Approach

Flexible & Easy to Deploy

Cloud-based contact center solutions are highly flexible, multi-tenant, hybrid environments that are easy to use and maintain. They often come with an excellent management and user interface, and are designed to easily integrate with third-party applications and support business processes.

Minimal Start-up Costs

In addition to eliminating costs associated with physical space, call center outsourcing offers some of the same low-cost benefits of outsourcing by letting agents work from home. Technologies like Voice Over IP (VOIP) make it even easier to open and operate a Virtual call center. In addition to low costs associated with pay for use, there are no additional hardware or depreciation costs.

Centralized Control

Outsourcing a call center means that you will entrust your customers to a third-party. Even though agents in a Virtual call-center are not in-house, you can still manage them internally from your organization. Our Virtual call-center applications let you communicate, monitor, and track calls to make sure all agents are sticking closely to your core customer service values.

Better Customer Service

Customers want self-service customer service and are more apt to use several methods of technology while communicating with you. Today’s customers prefer solutions and agents that have a deeper knowledge of the product or service without having to deal with language barriers. Virtual call centers allow for a more tailored workforce that caters directly to the needs of the customer, including local agents with extensive knowledge of the product or service


Our Virtual services disperse specialists across 34 states in the US, which enables minimal or no disruption to your customer contact center services. Our Virtual solutions enable us to implement and route calls anywhere in the world.

No Capital Expenditure & Quick Ramp Times

Virtual customer service companies like ours provide fast scalability to handle seasonal and fluctuating call volumes without additional technology and employee costs. Agents can be trained on your services and used on-demand based on present and future needs. Increased outsource customer service agents to handle call volume using the cloud is hassle-free, fast and affordable.
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Virtual Call Center & Customer Service

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