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High Touch Support

The Very Best Service for your very best customers

“White Glove” service and support

Your brand has a distinct message and it will benefit from an agent that has a full understanding of your company and your goals. At StatesideBPO, our High-Touch customer support outsourcing is the “white glove” solution to your higher-level customer care needs. Whether it is your president’s desk, your enterprise clients, or any high-risk clients, our front-line agent will have the same education level and acumen as your management staff.

Technical Support

When your U.S.-based customers prefer a U.S.-based technical support call center, our domestic virtual solutions come to the rescue. Our ability to hire from almost anywhere allows our tech support outsourcing to find highly skilled technical support teams that are committed to meeting strict service level agreements (SLA’s) of even the most discriminating technical support environment.

Medical and Healthcare support

From pharmaceutical and Affordable Care Act (ACA) support to sourcing experienced and licensed medical benefits advisors, leverage our call center cloud solutions and experience in supporting your customers who need this specialized contact center support.

Executive Level Support

Our employees have more MBA and advanced degrees than agents in any other contact center. Our business process outsourcing services mission works well for customer service contact centers because there is a higher, inherent value to the position as compared to a brick & mortar operation. When a call center operator is proud to be on the phone, they are able to move beyond handling a call and truly deliver a positive customer experience.

Call Center Support

By partnering with StatesideBPO, you are working with a leadership team with years of experience in customer care, business process outsourcing and quality monitoring. This expertise, coupled with hundreds of pre-qualified agents who are motivated and committed to provide a remarkable level of customer experience, empowers you to deliver the very best customer service to your very best customers.

Our High-Touch teams will customize your online call center with support programs using propriety systems that work seamlessly with your Customer Relation Management tools resulting in quick resolutions and excellence in customer support.

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