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Many Languages

One Voice

The signposts along the road to success are in many different languages

StatesideBPO can open up new markets with a custom-designed multilingual call center. Our agents have the training and aptitude to carry that message and the drive that changes hearts and minds on the front line, improving your bottom line.

Support and Training

Our multilingual customer service agents are critically assessed in the interview process on their reading, writing, speaking and translation skills to enforce high quality standards.

Cultural Consistency

Agents converse with callers in one language throughout the duration of their shift, increasing the quality of each call through consistency of communication.

Sales Opportunities

Spanish-speakers are the fastest growing minority group in the United States. French is the fourth most common language in the U.S. and is one of the two official languages of Canada.

StatesideBPO provides the multilingual support that is a crucial element in the global business environment. As the non-English speaking demographics in North America continue to grow and businesses increasingly pursue international markets, having the capability to communicate in different languages enables your business to take advantage of opportunities in a range of markets and benefit from higher customer acquisition rates.

We can incorporate multilingual customer services into your existing or new call center.  With StatesideBPO as your primary or backup business process provider, you have a language-enabled remote site that is tailored to your call center program and language requirements. With StatesideBPO, language and culture becomes your advantages in your initiatives to penetrate into new markets and uncharted sales growth or global markets.

Multilingual contact

Reach new markets with StatesideBPO’s multilingual call center services.

The global business landscape is changing: This intensifies the need to provide services and support to customers throughout the world. To unlock the true potential of the global market, your business needs cater to more than just English‐speaking prospects and customers.

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