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Multi-Channel Solutions

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Full-Spectrum Customer Communications

We make it easy for you to reach out to your audience via social media, text, voice or live chat. We provide a comprehensive, integrated multi channel customer contact solution with an all-encompassing view of your customer’s history.


Mobile collaboration and video make it easy to talk face-to-face. This allows our virtual call center agents to give the best service in real time.


Allows for real-time capture and management of customer interactions.


Call center quality monitoring insights offer better information for improved business intelligence.


Interactions between channels flow smoothly for better customer care.


Communicate with your customers with their needs in mind.

consistent interactions

Integration for an orderly, holistic customer journey strategy.

Built Around Your Needs

StatesideBPO has flexible deployment models, including cloud-based, on-site based or a hybrid solution which will integrate with your existing systems. We can provide the technology design and systems integration you need to update an existing infrastructure or create a new custom solution that’s right for your organization.

See The Whole Picture

Our unified approach to customer service allows you to follow your customers and see where they are today, what they’ve done in the past, and, most importantly, predict where they’ll be in the future. StatesidpeBPO has the experience and acumen you need to build a customer experience that generates loyalty and increases ROI.

Walk With The Customer

Our expertise as call center consultants, customer journey mapping and customer segmentation will improve your relationship with your customers throughout their experiences with your company. Our integrated strategy across mobile, voice, email, web chat, text, social, video, fax allows for persistent communications across all channels and agents.

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Multichannel Customer Service

Build a coordinated, multichannel engagement strategy

Today’s customer is cross-channel and is at the center your business success.

Our cloud based call center solutions make it easy to engage the cross-channel customer with integrated dialogues that are driven by their buying journey, preferences, triggers, signals and behavior.

Discover why your business should move to an integrated customer care system.

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